toyo clip pair
pair solid black toyo clips
2 tone black/emerald toyo clip
above image is one 2 tone black/emerald toyokalon clip worn as single ponytail

above image is two quantity solid cobalt blue toyokalon clips worn as pigtails
2 tone black/ light pink toyo clip
above image is 2 tone black/light pink toyokalon clip

Toyokalon fall clips come in solid and 2 tone colors.  They consist of straight hair w/ body wave at the end and about 12 micro braids mixed in.  These are manufactured and only come with straight and braided hair, these cannot be made custom.  Falls come in a strong claw clip for daily wear.  These do not need to be brushed, just clip then on over a ponytail and go.
Falls are 14 inches long and only come in that length.
These falls are special ordered for the customer when an order is placed, so they take 14-30 days to process.
Price per fall $60.00